Who Are We?

Bill Ferrante

Chief Technology Officer

Our Chief Technology Officer. His background includes a deep knowledge of public information systems as an early employee at 2 companies credited with inventing the data fusion field. These companies now make up the Risk Management division of LexisNexis. At AOL he was the Technical Director of the Content Publishing Platform running over 300 sites on the AOL network. He actively advises 3 tech startup companies.

Casey Slaughter Stanton

Chief Marketing Officer

Our Chief Marketing Officer. As a Professor of Practice in Marketing at Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business, Casey has a passion for helping others in marketing. With nearly a decade of experience in both online and offline marketing, Casey has a number of successful campaigns. From helping Peter Diamandis’ Planetary Resources raise $1.5M on their ARKYD Kickstarter to providing marketing consulting and strategy for both Peter’s “Abundance” and “BOLD” book launches, Casey is someone who you can trust to help you find the right way to market your business and ideas.